What’s the Problem?

A developer known as DOM Properties wants to put a four-story apartment building directly on the west side of the garden space, along Blackstone Avenue. According to the developer’s application to the Chicago Plan Commission, the building would include 14 2-bedroom apartments and 14 parking spaces. 

Everything currently in that section of the land would be destroyed. That includes the vegetable and flower beds, the brick paths, the fruit trees, and the meeting platform. The grand mulberry tree that provides shaded growth and shelter for the entire space (and berries) will likely be torn down.

Afternoon sunlight would also be blocked by the shadow of the building’s 48-foot height. This will likely harm growth in the remaining garden beds. The overall space will also become much more restricted, as the effective footprint of the building will extend beyond its property line.

Quick facts:

  • DOM Properties plans must first pass review by the Chicago Plan Commission because the property is located within the Lakefront Protection District. The first purpose of the Lakefront Protection District is “To promote and protect the health, safety, comfort, convenience, and the general welfare of the people, and to conserve our natural resources.”
  • The developer’s application claims that “the project will not adversely impact on the natural resources of the area,” and that it “calls for the development of a currently vacant privately owned lot.” It is obvious that neither of these statements is true.
  • Chicago Plan Commission hearings are open to the public. Anyone can be heard by the Commission — learn how!

Latest Updates

September 21: At the developer’s request, the Plan Commission deferred the hearing to October 19. The official hearing notice and more information are available on the Plan Commission website.

Early September: Notice sent by mail of September 21 hearing before the Chicago Plan Commission. 

Late August: Notice of DOM Properties construction application sent by mail as required by the Chicago Lakefront Protection ordinance.


Things you can do:


Join the e-mail list to hear about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.


Come to the block club meetings, and help represent the community at the City hearing on October 19.


Learn more about why the DOM Properties proposal threatens our community space.